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Welcome to the time capsule that is!
The year is 2013. Time to take a look back. Many of the links below are broken (but I am reworking this site now). The band is gone, no more (for now). But you will find here a record of what once was and some refreshed links to other places about Stuck Mojo!  
This site is here because I am as passionate about this music as the musicians who made it. I absolutely love it. I just can't get enough. CRANK IT UP! So sure the guys went on to do other things. That's life and that's great! I look forward to hearing the new stuff. In the meantime, the Mojo will live on here and elsewhere on the net. There are a lot of great Mojo sites out there and I don't want to duplicate them here. I will however reproduce content that may be gone from the net. 

Ok on this web page Stuck Mojo Rock under "The Kidd Speaks Out" is the fascinating story about how a fan of the group got to join the band and is now part of Fozzy. A must read! 

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Their catalog of music is still available and the DVD may be as well:
Stuck Mojo MP3's!


Southern Born Killers

Declaration of a Headhunter

Stuck Mojo is BACK BABY!!! BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! -
July 4th, 2007 -  I am sorry to fellow devoted fans out there for 2.5 years (bang head against wall!) for no updates. I get email sometimes and I respond though. Personal life has just been crazy and have not had time to update. However, now, it's time! In fact I need to look at a complete site redesign. I have taken some web classes and something good should come out of that for here! Anyway, Stuck Mojo are back and there are a few different sites to go to along with some forums for discussion. I present links here for you:

The New Official Stuck Mojo Website
Stuck Mojo Forum
German/Intl Stuck Mojo Site
Mojo's New Album - Southern Born Killers

Stuck Mojo DVD released - Get yours now!
1-3-2005 -  Keepin’ It Real - Stuck Mojo fans new and old will not want to miss this long awaited opportunity to get their hands on the new DVD with over three hours of content including rare interviews and live footage. And since this is only part one, I can’t wait to see what they have for part two! For a band as solid and influential in the heavy rock genre as Stuck Mojo, until now there is very little media such as music videos, interviews and live concert footage out there that a fan can find. However with a band that has over a 10 year history you know that this stuff has to be out there somewhere. And that somewhere was in the hands of the band who have finally compiled and released their history on this new DVD in the form of interviews, behind the scenes footage, short video documentaries, appearances on MTV, live clips and scores of photos, all dating from 1992 to 2004.  READ MORE HERE

Possible new Stuck Mojo cd and tour - 
10-29-2004 - Rich Ward has said the following: "Bonz has called me periodically for the last 6 months or so to talk about the future of Stuck Mojo.... After a couple of conversations, we recently agreed to put our “stuff” aside and to write a new record. At this time I can't make any promises other than to my commitment to write the best Mojo record ever." Read more here. . .

New Rich Ward forums -
10-27-2004 - The Duke Rocks, Rich Ward's new website has launched a forum to discuss past, present and future projects including Stuck Mojo. Check them out here.

Interview with Bonz about his new project - 
10-31-2004 - Read an interview with Bonz here. His new website is now online!

RIP Darrell

October 2004:
Well it's been about a year since any updates but now it's time because there is actually some news to report on! Several things. CAFU is no longer. Rich is now working on his own project called The Duke and you can check out his AWESOME new website. The site features various media clips as well as news and coments written by Rich himself! Get on the Duke's email list for the latest updates. 

Now for some really COOL Mojo news: Stuck Mojo is putting out a brand new DVD, "Inside the Monster: The Evilution of Stuck Mojo Vol. I", featuring live footage and interviews and more available on Novemeber 20th. Check it out on the new website, Stuck Mojo Media. We will be posting a review shortly after its release. Read the press release about the DVD.

Other Items:
I'm not sure if 420 Monks is still around or not (it's not). I got an email with some info about a new project that Bonz is working on and here's the scoop:

I've been working with Bonz and his new set of faces in a project called "Dead Gospel".  It's all brand new material, and they've already got a show scheduled at "the last great watering hole" in Tucker, GA on November 5th.  I've been helping them with some pre-production work before they get ready to enter in the studio to cut an LP.  The guys have been practicing 5 to 6 days a week in Midtown ATL so they asked me to get the word out and about to those who'd be interested in hearing what Bonz's new band's got to offer.

Look for to come to fruition in (or hopefully before)  November.

rock on,
-s. kelly

PS; The show on November 5th is FREE (21 and up!) with Uncrowned and 
Threat 13.

The Duke
420 Monks
Sound Device
Stuck Mojo
The Gauntlet
NamsNet Vids
Hard Radio Interview
Century Media Bio/Info
Yahoo Groups
Stuck Mojo Rock
Shoutweb Interview
AntiMTV Interview
Voyage Magazine Article
Google Search Results
Korean Rich Ward Page
Other Stuff
Howard Stern
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News Archive

October 2003:
In 2000 Stuck Mojo was done, broken up. Apparently however they have played New Year's Eve reunion concerts including this past Dec. 31, 2002. And will wonder's ever stop but they recently played a gig at Ziggy's in Winston Salem, NC on Feb. 28th 2003!!!! YEEHA! And there may be more yet to come!

For more information and for info about Rich Ward's new band CAFU, check out the links below! Bonz's new band is called 420 Monks so check them out too! Also note that FOZZY is a band that features WWE wrestler Chris Jericho as well as Rich Ward and The Kidd. 

At Rich Ward's site you can get CD's of his latest music and also (don't know about now) a rare instrumental verision of Declaration of a Headhunter. No true Mojo fan can do without that! ALSO note that if you want to see the video for Rising, stick your Rising CD in your PC's CD drive and run one of the batch files (read the readme.txt file)!

Craig Maule leaves 420 Monks and Billy Grey leaves Sickspeed/CAFU.
SOUNDEVICE is a new group featuring Erik Rogers from Stereomud, Craig Maule from 420 Monks and Billy Grey of Sickspeed/CAFU. Music, tourdates and pics are available at these links.

Checkout SOUNDEVICE at:
Yahoo Street Team:


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